Emirates Airlines Pilot Salaries are amongst the world's best. Emirates Airlines, which is the largest major airline in the Middle East. It is the national airline of Dubai, United Arab Emirates and operates over 2400 passenger flights per week, to 108 destinations in 60 countries across 6 continents

Emirates Airlines Pilot Salaries...


Emirates Airlines Pilot Salaries are comparable to none other. It includes basic salary which is tax free plus excellent allowances including accommodation, medical, transportation etc. It prides itself on style, comfort and service.

Airlines takes care of its team which include pilots, airhostess, ground staff and all other employees. Emirates Airlines Pilot Salaries also include several bonus and perks. It offers a great lifestyle and benefits which are acclaimed globally.

Emirates Airlines Group Human Resource department supports the company vision by creating flexible and innovative human resource solutions. Emirates Airlines provides Remuneration and Planning to attract and retain high calibre workforce, across all locations.




Emirates Airlines Pilot Salaries

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